Acceptance and availability of the general terms of use

WORKTEL OFICINA MÓVIL, S.L., (onwards, Worktel) is a Spanish company with its registered address in Bilbao, España, calle San Vicente 5, 1º Izquierda; and Tax ID no. B87349957, e-mail address, registered with the Mercantile Registry of Madrid.

By accepting this contract, you hereby declare: That you are a person of legal age and capable of contracting, who has read and accepts these General Terms of Use. These General Terms of Use regulate the legal relationship that emanates from the contracting processes carried out between the client-users of the web page located in the url as well as the app "Worktel", both Owned by WORKTEL OFICINA MÓVIL, SL Users-Customers accept the General Terms of Use from the moment they use to contract or acquire any product. This document can be printed and stored by the Users-Clients. Worktel makes available to these, the e-mail address so that they can raise any doubt about the General Terms of Use.

These General Terms of Use are subject to Act 7/1998, of April 13, on General Conditions for Contracts, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, approving the Consumers and Users Act, Royal Decree 1906/1999, of December 17 1999, regulating Telephone or Electronic Contracts with general conditions, Organic Law 15/199, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Information, and Act 7/1996, of July 11, on Services to the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

Amendments to the general terms of use

Worktel may amend the General Terms of Use by notifying its Users-Customers sufficiently in advance, with the aim of improving the services and products offered through Worktel. By altering the General Terms of Use displayed on the Worktel web site, said duty of notification shall be understood to have been met. In all cases, the General Terms of Use contained herein have a mandatory and binding nature; any person who does not accept these terms must abstain from using the services of Worktel.

These General Terms of Use do not create any company contract, order, franchise, or employment relationship between Worktel and the Users-Customers.

Worktel reserves the right to reject any request for registration and to cancel any previously accepted registration without its being obligated to communicate or explain the reasons for its decision and without this leading to any right to compensation or restitution.

Description of the services

Worktel is (i) a platform where spaces, business centers and coworking spaces can offer their meeting rooms and workspaces and (ii) an online mobile application for specific users or companies to book the aforementioned meeting rooms and workspaces.

Worktel is merely an intermediary between the Customer-User of the mobile app/web and the centers.

To be able to enjoy special promotions and receive information on future Worktel events you must sign up using the forms provided for this purpose on the website, or on the WORKTEL mobile applications, giving, among other details, your e-mail address. It is compulsory to fill out all the fields on the form to be able to use the services offered by Worktel. The information or personal details entered into each of the fields on the form must be exact, accurate, and true. Worktel accepts no responsibility for the truthfulness of the information provided by users-customers. All Users-Customers guarantee and arew liable for, in all cases, for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the personal details entered. The information and personal details will be used exclusively by Worktel to identify user-customers and to categorize their profiles in order to offer better assistance.


The prices announced on our website, App, promotions, and banners are equal to the set price per workstation (i.e., for one person) and for the time indicated at the different centers. Under no circumstances, unless it is stated to the contrary, do the prices that are announced correspond to the price for an entire space/room for the exclusive use of one single customer. In addition, the prices displayed are the best offers that Worktel can offer its users-customers.

Booking notification

When the booking is completed, we will send you an e-mail message confirming the booking and listing all the information regarding your booking (including a tracking number). The user-customer must present this tracking number (either printed out or in the app) to the establishment to be able to make use of the service.

Reimbursement or cancellation

All cancellations must be made through the Worktel mobile application or web. The cancellation does not take effect until the customer receives confirmation on the application or by e-mail that the booking has been canceled. Cancellations made outside the Worktel application or those made less than two hours before the time booked will not be permitted.

Form of payment and security

Users-customers shall have a balance on the Worktel application from which the charges for the services that they book will be deducted. The customer-user will make a booking for the space available online through the Worktel application and Worktel will charge the price for its services against the user's balance.

The balance loaded by the customer on the WORKTEL platform is not refundable. Customers shall have one year from the date of loading to use the balance. After this time WORKTEL will cancel this balance as administrative expenses without any possibility of its being refunded to the customer.

The balance must be loaded into the application prior to the booking of the space. As long as payment is made using our application, the user does not need to be concerned. All payments are made with complete security. In the event of any disagreement with what has been described above, customers may contact Worktel at the e-mail address

Obligations of the User-Customer

The workspaces booked shall be used solely for the provision of administrative or office-related professional services. The equipment in the spaces that is included in the price is that expressly specified in the description. Any other equipment or service must be contracted at the center, according to its availability.

The Establishment reserves the right to admission. The Customer may not take any kind of food or drink into the workspaces, unless this has been provided by the center.

The Customer may not install, take in, store or handle any object, device, motor, or machine or explosive, inflammable, cumbersome, or unhealthy materials in the meeting rooms and other workplaces which could cause discomfort or danger, or which produce noise or vibrations which could be harmful to the center or its neighbors, or which could affect the consistency, strength, or maintenance of the properties, and shall be required to comply at all times with state and municipal bylaws and other provisions in force in this regard.

The Customer shall be directly and exclusively liable and shall hold the Center harmless from all liability for any damages incurred by people or objects which arise, directly, from the activities carried out in the Center.

On termination of the agreement, the Customer must leave the workspace in the same condition as it was found at the outset, and shall be liable for any defects and breakages, undertaking to replace any items that are missing or unusable for any reason, with other items of the same or better quality.

The Customer may not alter the layout and arrangement of items or furniture installed in the meeting room or in the other workspaces, nor shall customer's install any other element in them without the Center´s prior consent

The Customer exempts the Center from any liability for possible cuts or defects in the energy flow or supply should they occur, provided that they do not result from its direct action or activity.

The Customer shall not assign the workspaces either totally or partially nor market them to third parties.

The booking confirmation states that the user-customer-purchaser accepts the specifications and characteristics of the good, product, or service offered. Similarly, the user-customer-purchaser is obligated by the sales conditions included in the description of the good, product, or service in so far as these do not contravene the law or the general terms of use and other Worktel policies.

It is also the responsibility of the User-Customer to comply with the conditions of the sale, including at the reserved hours the characteristics and specifications of the products and services offered and also that the guarantees are granted when required.

The Center's obligations

Worktel's suppliers are spaces, business centers and coworking spaces that actively take part in our platform. These spaces are the ones offering the services that offers through its platform. Also each space is obligated to comply with all the contractual terms and the privacy policy included on our platform (see


WORKTEL's Users-Customers may not:

Be registered without having accepted the WORKTEL General Terms of Use.

Confirm a booking order when they are not sure that they will really make a booking, by canceling it; as this action interrupts the proper operation of the system and is detrimental to the benefits for other Users-Customers.

Privacy and protection of personal details

In accordance with Act 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Information, we inform you that your personal details will be added to and processed in the Worktel files, for the purpose of our being able to provide and offer our services. By handing over their e-mail address and other personal information, a necessary requirement for contracting certain services, Users-Customers give their permission for said addresses to be processed and also used to send commercial communications advertising or promoting the services and products offered by Worktel. Users-Customers who provide their personal details give their express consent to their being communicated for use in carrying out activities that are part of the company's purpose in the leisure sector. Users are informed that said communication may occur at the same time as the provision of their information to Worktel. makes the e-mail address available to Users-Customers so that they may withdraw the consent given. And also for the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition guaranteed under current law. Worktel declares that it complies with current legislation in regard to data protection, especially Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Information and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, implementing said Organic Law.

Industrial and Intellectual Property

The content provided by Worktel is subject to intellectual and industrial property rights and is the exclusive property of Worktel, Worktel's partners, and the physical and legal persons figuring therein. By purchasing a product or service, Worktel does not confer upon the purchaser any right of alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution, or public communication over the same, and Worktel reserves all these rights to itself. The assignment of said rights shall require prior consent in writing from their owner, so that the customer may not make said content available to third parties.

The intellectual property extends, in addition to the content included on Worktel, to the graphics, logos, designs, images, and source code used to program it. Worktel has obtained the information and materials included on the websites of the cooperating centers and/or sources considered reliable and, although it has taken reasonable measures to ensure that the information contained thereon is correct, Worktel cannot guarantee that at all times and under all circumstances said information is exact, complete, and up-to-date and therefore it cannot be trusted it as if it were so. Worktel expressly declines any liability for errors or omissions in the information contained on the pages of this website.

Worktel reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel, or restrict the contents of the website, the links or information obtained through it, without a need for prior notification. Under no circumstances does Worktel assume any liability for the incorrect use of the website that could be made by the user both of the information and the services contained on it.

Under no circumstances will Worktel, its branches and/or worksites, its directors and/or representatives, employees, and, in general, authorized personnel be liable for any type of damage, loss, claims, or expenses of any kind, both if they result, directly or indirectly, from the use and/or dissemination of the website or of the information acquired or accessed on or through it, or its computer viruses, operating faults, or interruptions to the service or transmission or online faults in the use of the website, both due to a direct connection or through a link or other means, so that for all legal effects, this constitutes a warning to all users that these possibilities and events may occur.

This web / application is property of Worktel. The rights of Intellectual Property and rights of exploitation and reproduction of this web / application of its pages screens the information that contains its appearance and design as well as the links (\ hyperlinks \) that are established from it to other web pages of any subsidiary company And / or dominated by Worktel are the exclusive property of Worktel unless expressly specified otherwise. Any designation and / or logo as well as any product or service offered and reflected on this website are trademarks duly registered by Worktel by its subsidiaries and / or dominated companies or by third parties. Any improper use of them by persons other than their legitimate owner and without express and unequivocal consent by the latter may be denounced and prosecuted through all legal means existing in the Spanish and / or Community Legal Order.

The intellectual property rights and trademarks of third parties are appropriately highlighted and must be respected by all those who access this website. Worktel is not responsible for the use that users may make in this regard and the exclusive responsibility is the latter's.

Downloading the content or copying or printing any page on this website is only permitted for personal, private use. It is prohibited to reproduce, transmit, modify, or delete the information, contents, or warnings on this website without the prior written authorization of Worktel.

Links to other sites on the Internet. Worktel's Internet pages may contain links to third-party websites. The former is therefore unable to assume any liability for the content that may appear on third-party websites. The texts, images, sounds, animations, software, and other content included on this website are the exclusive property of Worktel and their licensors. Any acts of transmission, distribution, transfer, reproduction, storage, or public communication, whether total or partial, must have the express consent of Worktel.


At times, this website/app uses cookies; in other words, small data files that are generated on the user's computer and permit the following information to be collected:

The date and time of the last occasion on which the user-customer visited the website; The design and contents that the user-customer chose on his or her first visit to the website; Security items that are involved in controlling access to restricted areas and other similar circumstances.

Users-customers have the option of preventing the generation of cookies by selecting the corresponding option in their browser. However, Worktel shall not be held liable if the deactivation of these prevents the proper operation of the website.


Worktel only makes a virtual space available to Users-Customers, by making the greatest efforts to update, maintain, and operate it. It cannot guarantee the absence of technical faults, the infallibility of the service, nor that the system or portal will be operational at all times, permitting it to act as an intermediary between users-customers and centers in the sale and purchase of a product or service. Worktel is not the owner of the products or services offered and does not have them in its possession. Worktel is involved in streamlining the operations carried out between the Users-Customers (purchasers and suppliers) but it takes no direct liability for the existence, quality, quantity, status, and integrity of the goods, products, or services. Every User-Customer Supplier or Manufacturer knows and accepts that it is exclusively liable for the offers of products or services. Worktel acts as an intermediary between purchasers and suppliers, thereby offering them a completely new way of booking workspaces by the hour, deviating from the booking of workspaces by the day, and occupying the field of booking rooms only for the hours that you will be in the center.

Should User-Customers-Purchasers initiate any kind of claim for the good, products, and/or service, said claims or legal actions hold harmless Worktel, its managing director, management, workers, representatives, and agents from any liability.


The Users-Customers shall hold Worktel, its management, administrators, representatives, and employees harmless from any claim or suit by third parties relating to the activities promoted on its website/app or for the breach of the General Terms of Use and other policies that are understood to be included in these or for the infringement of any laws or third-party rights.

Nullity and ineffectiveness of the clauses

If any of the clauses in these General Terms of Use were declared totally or partially null and ineffective, such nullity and ineffectiveness will only affect the provision in question or the part that is null or ineffective, while the remaining parts will be upheld as will the rest of the General Conditions and such provision or part thereof that is considered affected will be considered to have been removed.


All notifications, demands, requests, and other communications that need to be made by the parties in regard to these General Terms of Use must be made in writing and it shall be understood that they have been duly made when they have been delivered by hand or sent by ordinary mail to the address of the other party or to his e-mail address, or to some other address or e-mail address which for these purposes one party may give to the other party.

Applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction

These General Terms of Use shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Spain.


Salvo expresa indicación de un plazo diferente en el texto de la promoción, los saldos obtenidos por los clientes resultantes de su participación en cualquier promoción de Worktel caducarán a los 12 meses de su obtención, siendo retirados de su cuenta de Worktel.